我們推薦 ECSL,因為去過的學生們說,我們不只是一個學校,我們更像一個家庭,在ECSL他們感到真心的關心,感受到溫暖和學習的熱忱。


ECSL知道玩樂和課外活動對於學習是很重要的, 因此提供每星期至少5小時的活動。這些活動包含帆船,皮划艇,深海釣魚,或是夢幻般的節日 – 爵士,希臘,電影,戲劇,黎巴嫩,非洲,土著等,ECSL也有外出郊遊、藝術畫廊、博物館、餐廳吃飯等。





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【ECSL 2016年學校開課日】


【ECSL 2016年學費】找茱莉安另有特惠~


【ECSL Sample Class Schedule】






Our school opened its doors in February 1998. It is owned and operated by two experienced ESL instructors – both women! We run a school that happens to be a business rather than running a business that happens to be a school. Education is our passion and student success is our goal. We started the school with 3 instructors, 3 classrooms, and 3 students. Our philosophy has always been to provide a personal, supportive environment for our students so they can achieve their goals. This philosophy is still true today even though we have grown to almost 200 students. Our classes still remain some of the smallest in the city, usually between 8 and 10 so students get lots of personal attention.

We attract and retain motivated students who want to achieve their goals. We expect them to work hard but we have a fantastic Student Support program in place to make sure they get the help they need. We have a very strict English-only policy in school as well to ensure that students focus on their English and to create an inclusive environment. We provide a free conversation club every Wednesday after school and a English Resource Centre on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school.

We also understand that fun and out-of-school activities are important for learning so we provide at least 5 hours of social activities every week. These activities could be sailing, kayaking, deep-sea fishing, or going to our fantastic festivals – Jazz, Greek, Film, Theatre, Lebanese, African, Aboriginal etc. We also have outings to art galleries and museums, meals in restaurants, and ice creams on the waterfront.

Students describe our school as a family and say that they feel we really care about them. They love the physical environment because our school is painted bright colours – blue, green, red, and orange. They say it feels as though they are coming into someone’s home, not into a school. They call it warm and friendly. Everyone who comes in says the same thing – they feel the warmth and the passion for learning.

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【茱莉安學員感謝信】哈利法克斯 ECSL學員- 黃昱富 (Eric)



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